A frequent question asked by new parents is, “How will our children learn to face exams if you don’t have any until Middle School?” Experienced teachers, however, usually find that students who are educated in a stress free ambience in the early years usually adapt well to their first exams.

Some day, perhaps, there will be no Board Exams, and an end to the ‘gate keeping’ that wishes to claim higher education as the privilege of a select few. But, until that day, we will continue to prepare our students for Board Exams and they will also show the brilliant results achieved by other DPS candidates. But – we refuse to allow the ‘exam experience’ to embitter even a single year of their lives as students. ‘Testing’ is not equivalent to ‘learning’ and the difference between ‘learning’ and ‘testing’ should be evident to all persons involved in both these processes.

We focus on formative evaluation. To this end we have weekly tests, terminal examinations and continual feedback on student performance through reports and parent teacher interaction. Thus we ensure that the students learn continually throughout the year, with remedial inputs wherever required. This is sufficient to prepare your child to face the summative annual examination at the end of the academic year. There is no need to stress out children from when they are just beginning school, with endless tests and mark reports, in the mistaken belief that this will result in learning.

With balanced emphasis on studies as well as other activities, we ensure that every learner participates in the pursuit of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Our students are not all expected to achieve top marks – but they must do their best in every challenge that faces them, whether academic or co-curricular. Not so much winning as confident participation; not so much competing but continual learning and improvement – these are our fundamental beliefs.